INSP Brochure – English Version

NSP – Instituto Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Our Lady of Piety Institute)

INSP – A school for who think big!


Kindergarten and Preschool



Sensibility is the ability to feel and expand your world perception. Sensibility is necessary to develop self-knowledge, listening and silence. And make silence is not just silent yourself, it is also to select what you choose listen. To be a person with sensibility is to walk inside yourself with open eyes… and, at same time, contemplate and establish conections with the world.

• Bilingual English Language Program
• Space Maker
• Interaction with nature
• Financial education
• Multiple experiences of psychomotricity, socialization and arts
• Large, exclusive, safe and welcoming environment
• Play with reading and writing


Elementary School – From 1st to 5th grade



Memory is the capacity to keep and remember the past. Did you realize how your memory make connections between your thoughts and images, sounds, smells and tastes? To memorize is to connect time and life. When learning, memory is the main instrument.

• Investigative methodology
• Systematic writing practice
• Logical-mathematical skills development routine
• Bilingual English Language Program
• Literature Project – reading and authorship
• History of Art and artistic creation
• Sustainable environmental experiences
• Online educational portal
• External assessment of cognitive skills
• Space Maker

Shift oposite class – From Kindergarten to 5th grade


• Exclusive, family-friendly atmosphere
• Encouraging variety in food
• Practices of cultural and sports activities
• Experience of relational and socio-emotional skills
• Orientation to the routine and study habit


Elementary School – From 6th to 9th grade


Intelligence is the ability to understand, reflect and interpret. It is the widest of capabilities because it opens the door to multiple intelligences and they show us the different and wonderful mental processes of our brain! To make calculations, sing, dance, express yourself, write, lead… each one with your own intelligence. But doesn´t matter your intelligence if you you don´t have goodness. With goodness, intelligence becomes wisdom! Think broad and share knowledge to make the world better and better.

• Sports practices – INSP Athlete
• Personalized coustumer service
• Coexistence, friendship and ties to life
• Training of writers and readers
• Preparation for Mathematics, Astronomy, Astronautics and Textual Production Olympics
• Multidisciplinary simulations
• Online monitoring system
• Environmental preservation actions
• Citizenship


High School – From 1st to 3rd grade



We are all born with the ability to want, and to want is directly connected to choose do or do not and leaving something. Moved by inner strength, we are driven to accomplish desires, projects and dreams. But for achievement, it is not enough just to want, you need DISPOSITIONS AND BRAVERY and then it borns the FORCE OF WILL: its fuel to reach great achievements!

• Educational Coaching
• Leadership Development
• Complete and assertive preparation for the ENEM and others universities access tests
• Collaborative study
• Contextual teaching
• Citizenship and ethics
• Critical vision enhancement
• Digital and interactive tools
• Literary and scientific authorship
• Room on – interactive environment




Bilingual Program: Citizen of the planet
(Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education)


Pietá Space – Nature: preserve to grow


Robotics – Innovation and programming
(Extracurricular from 4th grade to High School)


Academic training – Result of excellence


Welcoming and Safe ambience – Human care

Monsenhor Domingos

The founder of the Congregation of the Auxiliary Sisters of Our Lady of Piety, now in the process of beatification, has left great teachings. Among them, one is the trademark of the Colleges of the Piedade Network of Education: to welcome everyone, without distinction, to awaken in the other its better version.

Sister Benigna

The life and work of this religious of the Congregation of the Auxiliary Sisters of Our Lady of Piety, which is in the process of beatification at the Vatican, continues to inspire students, educators and families to volunteer for make goodness to others.






Since 1892: 127 years of excellence in Education, Social Assistance, Health and Pastoral





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